Upcoming Exhibits

by Tomothy Barrett

Organized by the Museums Association of Saskatchewan on the occasion of the Saskatchewan centennial, the show celebrates the efforts and accomplishments of Saskatchewan women spanning 100 years.

Some three years in the making, the project was unanimously embraced by MAS members as a “grassroots” way to honor women’s roles in the rural and urban communities, from the past and into the present, and from a wide range of endeavors.

Some 70 participating museums throughout the province have responded by selecting, researching, and providing information on a woman or women’s group to represent their area.

The information including both text and illustrations are provided on uniform panels. MAS has provided the training to museums for creating these panels.

Examples of women who are being honored by the communities include: the Hon. Jeanne SauvĂ©, Canada’s first woman Governor General (1984-1990) put forward by the Prud’homme Multicultural Museum; Violet MacNaughton, the choice of the Harris Museum, was involved in the women’s suffrage movement; the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame & Museum is honouring Ethel Catherwood (Saskatoon), the first and only woman to ever win a gold medal at the Olympics in the sport of athletics; and, “Holy Breath” (ElizabethOgle, 1895-1994), a highly respected elder of the Lakota First Nation, is being honored by the Wood Mountain Rodeo Ranch Museum.