The Glass Wheatfield

by Tomothy Barrett

A Tribute to Canadian Farmers

The museum is home to a unique and internationally recognized work of art by Saskatchewan artist Jacqueline Berting. The Glass Wheatfield – A Salute to Canadian Farmers – is a sculpture that must be viewed in person.

The Wheatfield celebrates and honors the heritage of prairie people. It is comprised of 14,000 individually crafted waist high stalks of glass wheat mounted in a steel base.

Wheatfield Sponsors

The glass wheatfieldThe Regina Plains Museums seeks your support in the preservation and interpretation of our heritage. Your contribution will be recognized via the internationally recognized work of art by artist Jacqueline Bering.

The Glass Wheat field – A Salute to Canadian Farmers – is a sculpture that celebrates and honors the heritage of prairie people. It consists of 14,000 individually crafted waist high stalks of glass wheat mounted in a steel base. This unique and beautiful sculpture is installed in the museum gallery.

The glass wheatfieldThe glass wheatfieldIndividuals, organizations and corporations are invited to contribute to the Museums Development Fund by sponsoring one or more of the stalks.

In addition to a charitable tax receipt, all donors receive: a 24 kit. Gold Plated wheat stalk lapel pin; a complimentary museum membership f or one year; recognition on our Sponsor Wall located in the museum gallery and a listing on our web site. Help support Regina’s Civic Museum by becoming a Glass Wheat field Sponsor.

Sponsorship Categories Donation Stalks

Home Quarter
Quarter Section
Half Section
1 stalk
5 stalks
10 stalks
50 stalks
100 stalks
250 stalks

The Regina Plains Museum gratefully acknowledges the support of the following Glass Wheatfield Sponsors:

Township Home Quarter Section Half Section Quarter Section
Dr. Morris C. Shumiatcher
Jacqui Shumiatcher
Bank of Montreal Kiwanis Club of Regina Foundation
Jack and Jean Boan
M. Isabelle Butters
Phyllis and John Colvin
Dr. Ida Drake
Harry and Lorraine Hill
Jean McCuaig
Kirby and Allen McCuaig
Doris Wright Peacock
Read Family
Gordon Wallis
Valerie Hort-Warren Muriel Read AgrEvo Bessie Barker
Regina Funeral Home
Ernest and Edith Taylor
Donna B. Adams
Florida May Arnold
Gladys M. Arnold
Iris Balfour
Laurie Artiss Ltd.
Sandra Laidlaw Barker and Susan Laidlaw Mitchell
Roy and Edna Barnes
Betty Barootes
Dr. Carl Bolen
Lydia Bramham
Elisabeth P. Brandt
Edward Theodore Buchholz
Howard and Olga Cantalope
Jean Christie
Joan Church
George and Ilene Coffey
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Derry
George Devlin
Ron Dinsmore
England Family
Gordon and Margaret Forbes
Ed and Ann Forsberg
Arnold Foster
Allan and Violet Frid
Norma Gardner
Alice Gaveronski
Victoria Gillies
Carolyn McBean and John Haas
Orville and Isabelle Hagerman
Bunny Halyk
Vera Hamilton
Opal Hay
Heritage Costume Saskatchewan
Joesph and Mary Hoeuing
Jack and Alice Huber
Bernice Jacoby
Evelyn and Bert Jay
Russel and Dorothy Kelly
Helen Keys
Dianne Kinnon
Edythe Kinzel
Bruce and Muriel Knox
Keith Knox
Maxine Laidlaw
Dorothy Lind
Donald and Doris MacLean
Lois and Barry Mang
Vic McMaster
Esther Mang
Lt. Frank Peter Massey
Armella Massey
RR McKenzie Insurance
Jean Megill Marguerite and Dick Merryweather
Mark and Pat Mulatz
National Print It Centres Ltd.
Paton Family
Patterson Family
M. Isabelle Peardon
Marlys Peterson
Luther Pokrant and Lydia Giles
Stuart and Gail Quinn
Trevor and Norma Quinn
Dr. William Riddell
Vic Robins
Evelyn J. Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Robinson
Saskatchewan Pharmaceutical Association
Saskatchewan War Brides Association
Brian Saunders
Shayan Shirazi
Diane Secoy and Allan Smith
Gordon and Margaret Sexsmith
Frances Slaney
Stinson Adjustors
Stokes Farms
Nellie Szysky
Gladys Todd
E. Toupich
Dale A. Tremblay
Community of Uplands
Viva Optical
Elizabeth Weber
Bruce Williamson
Jack Williamson
Roy Williamson
Ron and Margaret Yeo
Girvin and Edith Young
Funding Agencies
City of Regina
Saskatchewan Lotteries
Canadian Heritage
Saskatchewan Centennial Community Initiatives Program
Planned Giving Program�…leaving a Heritage Legacy
The Regina Plains Museum is pleased to provide an opportunity for residents, members and heritage supporters to leave a lasting legacy to their community.

The museums� Planned Giving Program may be a realistic way for you to contribute to preserving the heritage of Regina. You incur no expenses by including a gift to the Regina Plains Museum in your will, and there can be a tax advantage in doing so.

If properly set up, a planned gift will maximize your tax and estate planning benefits. The flexibility of planned giving makes it possible for you to contribute to the Museum in a manner that best suits your particular financial situation.

A gift may consist of a one-time donation, a series of donations over a set period of time or ongoing financial support. It may be a �present gift� which can be used immediately, or a “deferred gift” which will be made available in the future, perhaps after your death.

As with any long-term tax, financial or estate planning, planned gifts should be arranged with the help of a professional financial advisor.

Your gift to the Regina Plains Museum will help to ensure that the heritage of the plains region is safeguarded for future generations.

Current planned giving options include:

Cash and Gifts in Kind
The Museum will be pleased to accept gifts of cash or gifts in kind (eg: stocks, real estate) at any time. To qualify for tax benefits, gifts must meet the Revenue Canada definition of a �voluntary transfer of property without valuable consideration�.

Life Insurance Life insurance is an excellent way of ensuring continuing support for the museum and it also provides significant income tax relief during your lifetime.

Instead of making one large donation, regular monthly or annual gifts can be made to the museum, in the form of life insurance premiums. The Regina Plains Museum will ultimately benefit by receiving the amount insured.

Charitable Bequests

Making a charitable bequest to the museum in your will incurs no out-of-pocket expenses. Tax credits associated with a charitable bequest can save your estate a considerable amount of tax, particularly if you have holdings of capital property.

All Donors to the Regina Plains Museum will be remembered and recognized in association with the Glass Wheatfield – A Salute to Canadian Farmers, a beautiful artistic installation which is so reminiscent of the plains region.

Donors will be recognized on a special Donor Wall next to the Glass Wheatfield in the museum gallery.

In addition to having your family name remembered in perpetuity, you will also gain: access to tax advantages which may benefit you or your heirs. Formal recognition now for a gift to be made in the future. an opportunity to establish a personal heritage legacy, enriching the lives of future generations

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