The Collection

by Tomothy Barrett

20,000 Strong

The Regina Plains Museum’s collection consists of over 20,000 artifacts of historical significance that are held in public trust; the largest being a steam locomotive to the smallest being the size of a lapel pin. The collection includes material related to Regina’s economic history and the community’s social and cultural life.

In fact, the RPM has amalgamated the Regina Police Service’s historical collection, the Regina General Hospital’s collection of historical material as well as, the Saskatchewan Pharmacy Museum Society’s material related to Regina. As the city’s civic museum the RPM is the only organization within the community with a mandate to collect and preserve historical material directly related to the growth and development of the capital.

How to Donate

As Regina’s civic museum, we are always ready to evaluate the potential donation of objects that have contributed to the social, cultural or political fabric of Regina since it’s inception. Contact us at 780-9435 or by email at to discuss a contribution to the museum collection.

Resource Centre and Collections Database

Research and preservation are key functions of the museum. A resource centre is located in the museum gallery and the artifact collection is available for those individuals or organizations undertaking research on the plains region. Reproduction of original documents and photographs is permitted in accordance with fee schedule, conservation concerns and copyright laws.