by Tomothy Barrett

Gallery Hours and Access

Located on the 2nd floor of 1835 Scarth Street (entry off the Scarth Street Pedway), the museum gallery is open to the public from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday; From June 19 to August 28, 2004, the museum is open on Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm. Admission is free. Consult the Regina Transit Home Page at www.reginatransit.com for a bus route near you.

The Regina Plains Museum is pleased to present theme based exhibits which provide insight on the various social, cultural, political and economic developments that have shaped our community.

The museum is wheelchair accessible The museum gallery is wheelchair accessible by utilizing the elevator north of the stairway to the 2nd floor.

Our Mission
The Regina Plains Museum is the civic history museum of Regina.

Through exhibiting, collecting and programming activities, the museum reflects the history of Regina.
The collection preserves the significant cultural, social, political and economic development of the community.
The Regina Plains Museum collaborates with other museums and organizations to limit duplication of collections and services.


As Regina’s Civic Museum, we have been serving residents in and around Regina for more than forty years. It is the only museum with a mandate to collect materials related to the cultural, social, political and economic growth and development of the peoples of Regina. This is made possible through collecting, documenting, preserving and exhibiting artifacts and other heritage collections.

Early development of the Regina Plains Museum was initiated by the Regina Exhibition and the Regina and District Old Timers Association in 1958/59.

Originally called the Plains Historical Museum Society, the Museum was incorporated in January of 1960. The Exhibition offered space under the Grandstand to store the growing collection and each year throughout fair week the artifacts were displayed with members of the Old Timers� Association sharing their memories and stories with visitors to the exhibition grounds.

Eventually however, the exhibition needed the space and the collection had to be relocated. The Laird building, an unused warehouse, was offered as a temporary space, however, the collection was stored there for the next ten years with no public access. During this time the Old Timers Association sought to secure a permanent home for the collection. Eventually, the City of Regina made available the fourth floor of what is often referred to as, the Old City Hall. Completed in 1980, a Director/Acting Registrar was hired and exhibits developed with the help of many dedicated volunteers.

In response to concerns of visibility and accessibility, the Regina Plains Museum adopted an extension programming format in 1999. Exhibits and programs were taken out into the community.

The downtown gallery and office space was relocated and featured changing exhibits. A resource centre was located in the museum space as well.

In 2003, the museum evaluated its role in the community, closed its giftshop and is pursuing a new facility with a new permanent exhibit.

Membership Program

Individual and Family memberships to the museum are available for one year terms.
Members receive:

A copy of the quarterly Making History newsletter.
An invitation to special events at the museum.
Voting privileges if member is over 18 years of age.
Our Corporate Members receive:

Voting privileges for one designated representative 18 years of age and older.
Member Categories Cost (One Year Membership)
Individual $10.00
Senior $10.00
Family $20.00
Corporate $50.00
We welcome your membership in the Regina Plains Museum. Your support will ensure that we continue to serve the community now and in the future.

The Gallery Gift Shop
In December 2003, the Gift Shop was closed. The Museum’s Board of Directors made this decision based on a study of the museum’s organizational and staffing needs. Berting Glass giftware is available at the Mackenzie Art Gallery Gift Shop and the Wascana Centre Authority Gift Shop. A small number of postcards, pins and gifts are still available at the museum.

Our People
Board of Trustees Staff
Marion Perry, Past President
Bob Boyer, President
Keith Knox, Vice President
Beverly Pletz, Secretary
Fred Clipsham, City of Regina Representative
Glenn Gordon, City of Regina Representative
Tom Irvine
Virginia Jedlic
Kristin Kutarna Gates
Rosemary Makelki
Catherine Parker
Diana Rae Krpan Ulrike Veith, Executive Director
Eddie Farrer, Acting Registrar
Margaret Adair
Donna & Larry Adams
Wm. Argan
Iris Balfour
E.D. Bayda
Carol A. Beckie
Jean and Jack Boan
Betty and Carl Bolan
Steven Button
Will Chabun
Douglas Chalmers
E.G. (Ted) Child
Jean B Christie
Isabel Colvin
Madge Crawford
Thomas Crump
Timothy K. Epp
Venetta Evans
Gordon Forbes
Basil Forsberg
Shirley Gabora
Shirley Gerlock
Larry Getz
Berting Glass
Vera Hamilton
W.S. Hawrylak
Judy and Melvin Hodder
Hilda Holland
Addie Hughes
Franz and Bernice Jacoby
Richard Lloyd Jones
Ross Keith
Russell and Dorothy Kelly
Frances Klein
Olga Klewchuk
Bruce and Muriel Knox
Keith Knox
Margaret Kopp
Maxine Laidlaw
Henry and Anne Ludwar
Doris Maclean
Rosemary Makelki
Lois Mang
Eleanor Matz
Hope McAdoo
Phil and Thelma McCrum
Jean McCuaig
Lillian McKenzie
Sybil McNichol
Madge McWhirter
Carolyn Meginbir
Dick Merryweather
John Nilson
Joyce Peacock
Marion Perry
Kathie Pielak
Trevor Quinn
Barry Robins
Evelyn Rogers
Vi Sattler
Diane Secoy
Morris & Jacqui Shumiatcher
Nellie Szysky
Jean Thomas
Vera and Grant Thompson
David and Phyllis Thomson
Conrad Thordarson
E Toupich
Betty Wareing
Alison Watson
Pat Welling
Alma Williamson
Bertha Windecker
Lena Woolley
Vivian Yackel
Edith & Girvin Young
Donors and Sponsors
The museums’ Planned Giving Program may be a realistic way for you to contribute to preserving the heritage of Regina. You incur no expenses by including a gift to the Regina Plains Museum in your will, and there can be a tax advantage in doing so.

Donors in Memoriam

Bessie Barker
Bert Duncan
Mrs. Jean Tansley
George W. Grant
Museum Funders
City of Regina
Saskatchewan Lotteries
The glass wheatfieldThe Regina Plains Museums seeks your support in the preservation and interpretation of our heritage. Your contribution will be recognized via the internationally recognized work of art by artist Jacqueline Bering. The Glass Wheat field – A Salute to Canadian Farmers – is a sculpture that celebrates and honors the heritage of prairie people. It consists of 14,000 individually crafted waist high stalks of glass wheat mounted in a steel base. This unique and beautiful sculpture is installed in the museum gallery.

The glass wheatfieldThe glass wheatfieldIndividuals, organizations and corporations are invited to contribute to the Museums Development Fund by sponsoring one or more of the stalks. In addition to a charitable tax receipt, all donors receive: a 24 kit. Gold Plated wheat stalk lapel pin; a complimentary museum membership f or one year; recognition on our Sponsor Wall located in the museum gallery and a listing on our web site. Help support Regina’s Civic Museum by becoming a Glass Wheat field Sponsor.

Sponsorship Categories Donation Stalks
Home Quarter
Quarter Section
Half Section
1 stalk
5 stalks
10 stalks
50 stalks
100 stalks
250 stalks

The Regina Plains Museum gratefully acknowledges the support of the following Glass Wheatfield Sponsors:

Township Home Quarter Section Half Section Quarter Section
Dr. Morris C. Shumiatcher
Jacqui Shumiatcher
Bank of Montreal Kiwanis Club of Regina Foundation
Jack and Jean Boan
M. Isabelle Butters
Phyllis and John Colvin
Dr. Ida Drake
Harry and Lorraine Hill
Jean McCuaig
Kirby and Allen McCuaig
Doris Wright Peacock
Read Family
Gordon Wallis
Valerie Hort-Warren Muriel Read AgrEvo Bessie Barker
Regina Funeral Home
Ernest and Edith Taylor
Donna B. Adams
Florida May Arnold
Gladys M. Arnold
Iris Balfour
Laurie Artiss Ltd.
Sandra Laidlaw Barker and Susan Laidlaw Mitchell
Roy and Edna Barnes
Betty Barootes
Dr. Carl Bolen
Lydia Bramham
Elisabeth P. Brandt
Edward Theodore Buchholz
Howard and Olga Cantalope
Jean Christie
Joan Church
George and Ilene Coffey
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Derry
George Devlin
Ron Dinsmore
England Family
Gordon and Margaret Forbes
Ed and Ann Forsberg
Arnold Foster
Allan and Violet Frid
Norma Gardner
Alice Gaveronski
Victoria Gillies
Carolyn McBean and John Haas
Orville and Isabelle Hagerman
Bunny Halyk
Vera Hamilton
Opal Hay
Heritage Costume Saskatchewan
Joesph and Mary Hoeuing
Jack and Alice Huber
Bernice Jacoby
Evelyn and Bert Jay
Russel and Dorothy Kelly
Helen Keys
Dianne Kinnon
Edythe Kinzel
Bruce and Muriel Knox
Keith Knox
Maxine Laidlaw
Dorothy Lind
Donald and Doris MacLean
Lois and Barry Mang
Vic McMaster
Esther Mang
Lt. Frank Peter Massey
Armella Massey
RR McKenzie Insurance
Jean Megill Marguerite and Dick Merryweather
Mark and Pat Mulatz
National Print It Centres Ltd.
Paton Family
Patterson Family
M. Isabelle Peardon
Marlys Peterson
Luther Pokrant and Lydia Giles
Stuart and Gail Quinn
Trevor and Norma Quinn
Dr. William Riddell
Vic Robins
Evelyn J. Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Robinson
Saskatchewan Pharmaceutical Association
Saskatchewan War Brides Association
Brian Saunders
Shayan Shirazi
Diane Secoy and Allan Smith
Gordon and Margaret Sexsmith
Frances Slaney
Stinson Adjustors
Stokes Farms
Nellie Szysky
Gladys Todd
E. Toupich
Dale A. Tremblay
Community of Uplands
Viva Optical
Elizabeth Weber
Bruce Williamson
Jack Williamson
Roy Williamson
Ron and Margaret Yeo
Girvin and Edith Young
Funding Agencies
City of Regina
Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust
Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation
Canadian Heritage Western Cultural Fund
Canadian Millennium Partnership Program
Funding Agencies
City of Regina
Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust
Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation
Canadian Heritage Western Cultural Fund
Canadian Millennium Partnership Program
Donation Opportunities…no gift is too small
As Regina�s civic museum, we are always ready to evaluate the potential donation of objects that have contributed to the social, cultural, political or economic fabric of Regina since its inception. Contact Executive Director Ms. Ulrike Veith at 780-9435 or by email at rp.museum@sasktel.net to discuss a contribution to the museum collection.

Financial Contributions
As a not-for-profit charitable organization, the Regina Plains Museum relies on the financial support of its members and constituents in Regina and surrounding area. Financial donations to the museum are gladly accepted at any time and a charitable tax receipt will be provided. Additional donation options include becoming a Glass Wheatfield Sponsor or taking advantage of our Planned Giving Program for estate and life insurance bequests.

How to Volunteer
You can help the Regina Plains Museum enhance community through a shared understanding of where we live. The museum is looking for volunteers. To find out how you can make a difference, please email us at